What are the benefits of Botox injections in Merrillville, IN?

Dr. Garlapati Ashvin at Dermatology Center of Northwest Indiana PC explains the benefits of Botox injections in Merrillville, IN

Merrillville, IN patients who want to learn about ways of turning back time without surgery are welcome to speak to the team of the Dermatology Center of Northwest Indiana, PC to discuss the benefits of Botox injections.


What is Botox?

Botox is a neuromodulator that is used for treating fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on specific areas of the face. It has been used for decades for medical conditions and has been found to have positive cosmetic effects. When injected into the muscles of the face, patients notice smoothing of the skin. This is because the dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contractions are reduced when the muscles relax.


What are the benefits of Botox injections?

The primary benefit of Botox injections is the effectiveness in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, specifically around the mouth, the forehead, and around the eyes (crow’s feet). Botox is also:

  • Quick and easy
  • Administered in our state-of-the-art practice
  • Affordable
  • Less risky than cosmetic plastic surgery
  • Completely safe and FDA approved for cosmetic use

Am I a candidate for Botox?

Most patients are good candidates for Botox injections. Many patients who undergo Botox injections use them in conjunction with other cosmetic fillers for optimum results!


Interested in turning back time and restoring your youth?

The team of the Dermatology Center of Northwest Indiana, PC believes in helping patients maintain their appearance as long as possible and slow the signs of aging. No adult is too young for Botox! If you have considered using Botox injections to maintain your appearance, now is the time to meet with a professional to learn about treatment solutions. Contact Dr. Ashvin Garlapati and his staff at (219) 785-8188 to schedule an appointment and visit the practice at 70 W 94th Plaza in Crown Point, IN.


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