Caring for skin before and after laser hair removal: Tips from Crown Point, IN dermatologist

Caring for skin before and after laser hair removal: Tips from Dr. Garlapati Ashvin.

Men and women in Crown Point, IN and across the Chicagoland area, are enjoying a well-groomed look from laser hair removal. Dr. Ashvin Garlapati offers this pre- and post-procedure skin care advice, to ensure optimal results.


Before laser hair removal 

Lasers can be adjusted to accommodate most hair and skin color combinations. However, the more contrast between skin and hair color the more effective treatment will be. Please avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least a month before laser hair removal (and remember that tanning is never healthy).

Laser hair removal heats pigments in the follicle, a sheath of cells at the root, not hair growth above the surface of skin. Thus, you do not have to skip shaving. In fact, shaving within 12 hours before treatment is recommended. However, do not use any hair reduction method that pulls hair out by the root, such as tweezing, threading, or waxing, for a month prior to your laser session. Chemical depilatories are also not suggested, as harsh ingredients may irritate skin.

On the day of your treatment be sure skin is clean and free of lotion, deodorant, and cosmetics. Skin care/beauty products may interfere with laser treatment. 


Achieving sleek skin with laser hair removal in Crown Point, IN 

  • High quality mineral-based makeup may be worn the day after treatment.
  • For the first 48 hours after laser treatment, avoid hot baths, showers, saunas, and spas, as well as physical activity that causes you to get overheated and sweat. Elevated body temperature expands superficial capillaries, contributing to redness and swelling.
  • Apply a soothing moisturizing lotion after showering.
  • Daily sun protection – all over, every day – is essential for healthy skin.
  • Do not wax or pluck hair in treated areas. It can stimulate regrowth of unwanted hair. Give laser treatment time to work. You should see noticeable change within a month – hair becoming sparser and softer. Treatment at Dermatology NWI is customized, but usually a series of four to six laser sessions, spaced about a month apart, are necessary for full clearance.

Are you ready for sleek, hair-free skin? Call Dermatology NWI at (219) 785-8188 to get started.


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