Choosing a Mohs surgeon in northwest Indiana

Choosing a Mohs surgeon

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in this country. Upwards of 8,500 people are diagnosed with it daily. You may have heard of Mohs micrographic surgery, the most effective and least destructive surgical treatment. How should you choose a Mohs surgeon in northwest Indiana? Here are some tips.

Specialized training

Using the Mohs technique, skin cancer is removed one cell layer at a time. Examination under high magnification, after removal of each layer, allows the surgeon to determine when cancer cells have been eliminated. The cure rate is an astounding 99 percent, and there is minimal impact to surrounding healthy tissues. However, Mohs requires specialized equipment and advanced training. Dermatology NWI has current technologies, and Dr. Ashvin Garlapati trained under some of the top Mohs surgeons in South Florida.


The precision that makes Mohs so successful doesn’t evolve solely from academic training or from performing the procedure now and then. In your search for a Mohs surgeon in northwest Indiana, ask how many patients the doctor sees for this treatment each year. Mohs surgery isn’t right for every incidence of skin cancer. The surgeon you choose should have well-rounded background in Mohs and other skin cancer treatment options.


When your skin, appearance, and health are at stake, trust in your dermatologist means everything. You’ve got to have comfortable rapport, and the utmost faith in recommended treatment. See how other patients feel about a doctor by looking at online testimonials. Dr. Garlapati’s patients share comments such as:

  • Very educated
  • Highly recommend
  • Easy to talk to
  • Excellent bedside manner
  • Great communication skills

All forms of skin cancer are serious. Early detection and accurate diagnosis are critical to a favorable outcome. Call Dermatology NWI at 219-785-8188 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Garlapati.

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