Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal treatment in Crown Point?

Laser hair removal provides lasting results without the need to shave, wax, or pluck. With modern instrumentation at Dermatology NWI in Crown Point, IN,

The rugged male stereotype and the natural look for ladies of the 70s belong in history books. Today, hair removal equates to an attractive and professional appearance for both genders. Laser hair removal makes achieving and maintaining a well-groomed look a breeze. Are you a candidate for this treatment at Dermatology NWI in Crown Point? Read on to find out.

You don’t have to be an “ideal” candidate

Historically, the individual with fair skin tone and dark, coarse hair was considered the best candidate for laser hair removal. This combination enabled the maximization of laser energy absorption by hair while causing minimum impact to the skin as a result of heating.

Over time, though, major advances have been made in lasers. Now, with modern laser instrumentation available at Crown Point, hair removal treatment is possible for most people, even those with lighter hair. Treatment can also be customized to suit each skin type and tone.

With four to six laser sessions spaced about a month apart, significant and lasting reduction in hair can be accomplished. Treated hair will not grow back. The regrowth of body hair is typically sparse and fine and easily controlled with occasional re-treatment. You may never need to shave, wax, or pluck again.

Your safety is top priority

For those using blood thinning drugs, it is better to seek a doctor’s advice before undergoing treatment. Although it does not penetrate the surface of skin, there are rare cases of people getting slight blisters or mild skin trauma with this kind of treatment. Talk to your doctor about what medication should be avoided when you are preparing for laser hair removal.

Benefits of laser hair removal

  • Cost effective in the long term.
  • No ingrown hairs, razor burn, or bumps.
  • No need to let hair grow out before laser treatment.
  • Efficient treatment time – depending on the size and area, a session takes an hour or less.

The best way to find out if laser hair removal is right for you, and to have your questions about treatment answered, is to schedule a consultation at Dermatology NWI in Crown Point. The number is (219) 785-8188.


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