Northwest Indiana dermatologist perfects pouts with dermal fillers

 Throughout history, smile trends have evolved, but beautiful volume and definition never go out of style. A well-proportioned mouth balances all the other features of the face. If nature didn’t bless you with the latest lip look, you may be able to achieve it with injectable dermal fillers from Dr. Ashvin Garlapati at Dermatology NWI in Northwest Indiana.

Smiles through the ages

  • Nepalese goddess Tara exemplified the smile of the 1300s – a small mouth, but well-rounded and curvy, with upturned corners.
  • German images of Venus emphasized the deep philtrum (dip) in the upper lip, popular in the 1500s.
  • By the 1700s, the focus of French painters was on the lines and silhouette of a full mouth.
  • The Gibson Girl of the late 1800s had lush lips with a high cupid’s bow.
  • American film stars of the 1950s popularized a broad mouth with plenty of volume in the lower lip.
  • US smile just keeps getting bigger, from Julia Roberts to Kim Kardashian.

Lip enhancement

This brief history lesson makes an important point – smile styles change. That makes dermal fillers a terrific solution. While results can last up to six months, they are not permanent. Your look can easily evolve.

Dr. Garlapati uses a variety of fillers to create customized lip enhancement. For example:

  • Belotero has a soft consistency for the smoothest results in delicate, thin-skinned lip tissue. It is also ideal for filling fine “smoker’s lip lines” that radiate from the mouth. There is negligible risk of bruising since a very fine needle is used.
  • Juvéderm is formulated with hyaluronic acid in a smooth gel base to add immediate volume, and long-term internal lip hydration.
  • Restylane is also a hyaluronic acid based filler, excellent for perioral rejuvenation.

For a smile as unique as you are, call Dermatology NWI in Crown Point, IN at 219-785-8188.
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