Are dermal fillers an affordable alternative to surgery in Crown Point?

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In our mid-20s, we begin to see creases around the eyes and across the brow. By mid-30s, those lines are settled in deeply, followed by “elevens” between the eyebrows, smile lines from nose to mouth, sagging skin, and hollows. Historically, facelift was your best option . . . but one that carried risks of surgery, a significant healing period, and a big price tag. Today, a customized protocol of dermal fillers can be an affordable alternative. Northwest Indiana dermatologist, Dr. Ashvin Garlapati, explains.

Volume loss = wrinkles

There is a common misperception that skin stretches as we age. In truth, it sags because underlying structure diminishes.

A youthful face has pads of fat. Skin is elastic and full of moisture. The combination gives features a smooth, rounded appearance. By about age 40 we begin to lose facial volume. Fat pads under the eyes disappear first, then around the mouth, chin, and cheeks. Meanwhile, the body produces less elastin and collagen, a meshwork of proteins that keeps skin firm. Without a plump sub-structure skin droops into wrinkles.

The role of dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are available only by prescription from a doctor. In trained, experience hands, they restore lost volume. They are injected beneath skin, providing immediate volume. Some formulations grab and hold internal hydration or trigger production of collagen, for ongoing benefits. Results can last from a few months to several years.

Dermatology NWI offers a full range of fillers, including:


Cost considerations


The American Society of Plastic Surgeon reports that an average facelift costs nearly $7,000. With an early, comprehensive program of dermal fillers and neuromodulators you may be able to avoid the need for surgical facelift, indefinitely.

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