Botox treatments are an affordable refresher for Northwest Indiana patients

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of facelift surgery is nearly $7,000, and you can expect to pay over $3,000 for a brow lift. Botox treatments can be a terrific alternative for women and men in the Northwest Indiana area who want a more affordable option.

Refreshed and natural

There is a growing trend in this country to over-indulge in injectables. Dr. Ashvin Garlapati has a different approach to anti-aging. He believes that these treatments should help you look like the best possible version of yourself; never fake or frozen.

He is skilled and experienced in the artistic placement of Botox to achieve natural-looking results. For example:

  • Brow – Vertical lines between the eyebrows are formed by frowning. As they become etched-in, you look angry even when you feel cheerful. Precise injections of Botox relax muscles that cause “elevens,” for a younger-looking brow.
  • Forehead – Horizontal furrows on the forehead make you look tired and worried. Botox smooths the forehead for a well-rested, alert look.
  • Eyes – Years of squinting at a computer or reading in dim light may have left you with crow’s feet. These crinkles at the corners of your eyes add years to your face. Botox erases them.
  • Mouth – Lip lines create lipstick bleed and distort mouth shape. Dr. Garlapati uses a combination of Botox and fillers to correct them. He can also release downturned corners of the mouth for a happier smile, or recontour the upper lip to remedy a “gummy smile.”

An economical lift

For a fraction of the cost of surgery, with minimal risk and no downtime, Botox provide results that last up to four months. As treated muscles relax, less product is needed at each regular touch-up session to maintain your refreshed look.

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